Use variety of advanced quantitative imaging platforms available to interrogate samples of all types, sizes and configurations

  • Sample prep onsite
  • Experienced in biological samples
  • Particle composition and localization
  • Access to Confocal and SEM Imaging equipment
  • Application specialists on site

Our Services

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High throughput analysis

Rogers Imaging Corporation

Analyze your images and derive information from your data to answer your questions.

  • EDAX Elemental Analysis
  • 3D reconstructions
  • Videos
  • Customized protocols

Product evaluation and stewardship

contract research

Provide multi-discipline approach conduct research and consulting services to support your success.

  • New Technology Development
  • Quick turnaround project
  • Consulting

bioimaging solutions and Equipment Access

Use scientific methods to solve your manufacturing and product litigation questions.

  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • Customized and confidential
  • Independent technology/product evaluation and analysis

Contract Research and Consulting